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Enter a world of timeless beauty. At LILIPANI we invite you to experience a world that is free of harmful chemicals. Where beauty meets nature in a harmonious embrace.

It’s time to detoxify your makeup kit with our luxurious range of products.

Established in 2021 we are driven by a deep passion to create a luxurious mineral-based Vegan and Organic make-up range.

LILIPANI has married science and nature in exquisite harmony. Our exclusive formulations are meticulously crafted harnessing the finest hero ingredients such as Cold Pressed Certified Organic Argan Oil, Vitamins A, C & E, Green Tea Extract and Italian Mineral Sea Clay sourced from the wonderous Amalfi Coast.

The result?

An exquisite fusion of science and rare ingredients, to bring you back the most precious resource of all, time. Beauty has no age limit.

We quickly discovered that our range appeals to a wide range of customers, especially those with skin allergies and sensitive skin.

Our range is also gaining cult status with Celebrities, top international Models and Influencers.

It’s time to discover the allure of LILIPANI and uncover the transformative magic that lies within.